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    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Lauck's Bakery Closed Last Week

    Lauck's Bakery is one of the last original businesses to leave Fresno's historic Tower Dist. Another great loss. One by one, well-known and well-established businesses have folded - not all of them willingly.

    Back in the 50s, the Tower Dist. was thriving - the quality, unique architecture, neon lights, and of course the Tower Theater made it an area well-known to all. Located near downtown, Fresno, which was also thriving.

    The decline of downtown coincided with the strip mall that was built in the 60s. Various buildings were demolished, remaining businesses suddenly began failing. Before the next business stepped in, there were lots of so-called "repairs and renovations" that went on. A pattern that continued until finally, people no longer went downtown. Homeless people began to occupy the empty buildings. Many of the beautiful historic structures have since been torn down due to decay and negect. Attempts have been made to revitalize the area, but none have been successful. Or so the story goes.

    Here in the Tower Dist., I have seen a lot of similarities take place. Not only the end of long-time businesses and neglect of the area, but more. Destruction and/or major altering of every structure, one by one. Instead of a strip-mall used as an excuse to carry it out in the Tower Dist., fires and/or annihilation of property/business owners seem to be the method. My research shows a pattern of fraudulent/forged legal documents that coincide with these alterations and/or end of various businesses. In some cases, the owner is never seen again aka: suspected homicide. That leaves me wondering ..... since various properties are being taken over by fraud/ID theft, WHO IS RAISING THE RENT that forces people out of business? Followed by more "renovations."

    I born and raised in the area, my family owned property in the outskirts of the Tower Dist. After many decades, we lost our 2 store-front properties, which is how I know first hand what is taking place. Including what those jackhammers are being used for and why structures throughout the Tower appear so deteriorated. Replacing city sewer and water lines cannot be done without massive damages and patching/reconstruction. Nor without vacating the property! Or leaving these structures setting on top of and next to clamped sewer/water lines - linked to more fraud i.e., mold lawsuits, insurance claims, foreclosure.

    When the sun is shining at a certain time of day, you can see the new sheet rock. Look closer - no previous layers of paint inside or out. Crooked walls/seams. Older, well-established lawns no longer remain, they were excavated in order to line up the underground utilities. Utility poles relocated /reconnected - no permits or inspections. No help or answers either - massive cover-up.


    1. Remember the bar near the SW corner of Palm + Olive that burned down in the 60s?
    2. The original Lucky Boy Hamburger that burned down on the south side of Olive in the 60/70s?
    3. Lyn's 7 Sons bar on the NW corner of Olive and Fruit that burned down in the 70s?
    4. First home south of Olive, on Adoline, burned down in the 70s?
    5. Traffic School, Olive, near Fruit burned/rebuilt 70s
    6. Turpins Furniture, Fulton off Olive burned 70/80s
    7. Jackie's Costumes, north side of Olive burned, prior to relocating to south side of Olive 70/80s
    8. Dead end at San Pablo + Olive, burned in the 70/80s
    9. Perkos Restaurant, on the north side of Olive, just south of Wishon burned down in the 80s.
    10. Tire shop on NW corner of Blackstone + Olive burned before new tire shop re-opened (80/90s)
    11. The thrift store on the NE corner of Palm + Olive that burned down in the 80/90s?
    12. The 2 homes across the street (NE corner Olive + Ferger) burned; both lots are now parking for the furniture store
    13. NW corner of Safford + Olive burned down prior to the martial arts occupying the building - 90s?
    14. The Landmark - formerly Carnation restaurant, SW corner of Broadway + Olive burned in the 90s
    15. 2 blks east of tire shop, on south side of Olive, upholstery shop burned down (90s)

    16. A & M Carpet, Olive, north of Fruit Ave. - burned down (80s?)
    17. Tiny's Olive Branch, Olive, next to Roeding Park - burned down (80?)
    18. The old Herb Bauer's building, Olive, between Tiny's & Roeding Park - burned down (80?)

    ADDITIONALLY: Structures removed as others expanded, shifted down in a "ripple effect." Addresses changed to further cover up evidence of the past - as though things were always this way. The cover-up goes as far as altering of old directories, aerial views and more. This is why there are no older records of Fresno and why the ones that remain, are not supported. The sewer layouts no longer line up to the plat maps. Witnesses and photographs further verify the unauthorized replacement of sewer lines, street widening, relocation of fire hydrants, storm drains, utility poles, etc., however, there is no record for any of this. Public information is refused.

    Sadly, what I have described here is a mere 1 1/2-mi. stretch. Beneath all of it, one will find unauthorized replacement of the city water lines, currently being tied into the main line during the "infrastructure upgrade." Former employee for the City of Fresno is the ringleader - conspiring with various city personnel, including risk analyst who lies to unsuspecting residents about the cause behind sewage back spills. Next chapter - the affects of raw sewage. (Fresno - the only city in the entire nation to react to the MRSA outbreak by increasing benefits for themselves - while refusing reports of what is contributing to the nightmare!)

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