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    Saturday, December 26, 2009

    This affects Fresno (CA central valley) SEE DIAGRAMS

    It appears that I am the first person to have ever lived long enough to expose the 50-yr secret replacement of the city water system, entailing horrific crimes and major alterations to the entire city, which there is no record of. Removal of trees, street widening, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights and utility poles. Reconstruction of private properties on top of this new water system.

    On one hand, we never saw what was taking place yet on the other hand, it was being carried out right under our noses. We simply did not question "renovations" in-between sales. We did not question whether street widening was authorized. We did not question yards being excavated under the guise of new sprinklers. We even got so used to seeing and hearing about fires/arson that nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary.

    This blog is focusing on Fresno's historic Tower District, where I have lived my entire life. The alterations took place so slowly over the years, no one ever noticed that our once-beautiful and historic Tower District is nothing but a shoddily rebuilt replication on top of a new water system. Click below and read about 20 (minimum) fires within a 2-mile radius.

    Same thing on residential areas. Since widening of streets on all sides, the blocks end up smaller. At least 1 home is removed from both sides of every block as others are slowly shifted in a "ripple effect." To avoid complaints, occupants are "planted" as homes are sold. From burglaries, suspected homicides, unsolved murders - to street widening and major reconstruction of city and private properties, these "planted" occupants claim no knowledge.

    Olive Ave. was a narrow, 2-lane street, lined with store-front properties and beautiful historic buildings. To even *think* about widening this street would have been front-page news, resulting in great protest. So it was done secretly, one block at a time. Done so slowly, no one paid attention. What about the property owners - why were there no complaints? See earlier blogs regarding real estate fraud and elimination of property owners.

    With 50 yrs of preparations carried out, properties along Olive Ave. were the last to be rebuilt on top of the new water system. Done during the infrastructure upgrade when the street was torn up and all the heavy equipment remained for days. As the street was widened without notice, structures were torn apart and set back 8'.

    Water meters and sewer manholes in the alley had been relocated as these structures were rebuilt on top of the secrety-replaced water system - no authorization, permits or inspections for any of it. Property lines changed. Parcel maps illegally altered in escrow; aerial views (dating back to the 80s) altered - as though nothing had been changed.

    Finally, I went to City Hall and picked up a copy of the water layout. It verified everything I was being called a "liar" about. Death threats increased. I am NOT to expose this operation OR ELSE.

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    All property lines changed; all structures now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines, which property owners are held liable to maintain. Keep in mind that none of this was done with permits or inspections; major code violations.

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    No more old, well-established lawns remain. They were excavated to access underground utilities, including gas lines also reconnected without permits or inspections - no record for any of it.

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    Same technique. What is removed from the front lawns was added to the back yards. Resulting in wider streets; narrowing of alleys.

    Garages at the end of alleys are rebuilt, extended into the alley to make it appear that the alleys were always this narrow.


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    As mentioned in earlier blogs, my family and neighbors were set up for annihilation so this could take place. It was not expected I would still be alive either. In retaliation for reporting the horrors that took place, the City stooped to name calling, perjury and a Restraining Order issued against me so I was prohibited from seeking help or restitution, followed by death threats and sexual harassment.

    Throughout all of this the City has turned the tables in an attempt to make ME appear the criminal and THEY are the victims. Last week, risk analyst # 3 implied that I posted a "cut-and-paste" of the sexual harassment. Wrong. I am not the person altering records or covering up the actions of the City of Fresno.

    Money was being poured into repairs as quickly as the properties were being torn apart. Brand new central heat/air units; new window coverings; new roofs; painting; on and on. Due to the never-ending hell, flooding and damages, I mortgaged my home in order to save the 2 commercial properties - FOR FAMILY. Due to more fraud, we were run off and cheated out of $1 million. After the property lines were changed I was threatened with a lawsuit if I did not comply with their orders - leaving no room for a large vehicle in my own driveway behind the 2 Olive Ave. properties! My home was left a shambles, now with a mortgage on it. It was torn up to the point that I cannot rent it out (and move into the garage/apt.) Attempts to seek help appear to be sabotaged. As I have said all along, the City of Fresno's secret water diversion operation appears to be nothing less than a murder, burglary and real estate fraud operation. They do not leave witnesses behind - that way no one files complaints.

    It was not expected that I would still be alive. Not only were the properties shoddily rebuilt with inferior materials, my belongings were being stolen / switched with inferior items. In an attempt to save what was left, I called a moving company - 5 huge big rig trailers were filled and put into storage. I paid thousands in hauling and storage fees. It has been implied that big rigs were used to switch the trailers in order to switch everything I owned. Rather than look, I have continued paying the LARGE monthly fee, always thinking that this nightmare would be addressed properly. It has only resulted in more hell and more death threats.

    We were on our own properties when the City of Fresno and their group stepped in and wiped us out. Done while I was a care provider, my handicapped uncle's hospitalizations/death coincided with the sewage back spills which the risk analyst was lying about. I endured ongoing illness and cellulitis of both feet. My neighbor contracted hepatitis and had 1 foot amputated; he died. Other neighbor was never seen again after being lied to by the risk analyst. Neighbor across the street was murdered when this was done to his property. More.

    This is how Olive Ave. was widened without any complaints. All structures rebuilt without permits or inspections.

    For more information and photos Click: Marla

    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    Shocking TRUTH behind Fresno, CA's water meters

    Until now, only commercial property in Fresno was equipped with water meters. Residences had a flat monthly rate. But with CA's "water shortage" taking place, more steps are being taken to cut back on water usage.

    Public Works has always assured residents of their upstanding, quality services and maintenance of our water system. In fact, it was with regret that they were "forced" to raise our rates back in 2006. Lots of protest and meetings took place as this was being discussed. They won - rates were increased so the City could continue their quality services and upgrades.

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    Now lets take a look beyond the bullshit.

    50 yrs went into the planning of this "water shortage." The entire city has been rebuilt on top of a new water system which, according to the mastermind, is for secretly re-directing our water for upcoming development. (Gov. Schwarzenegger's dams, casinos, etc.)

    Replacing a city's water system entails reconstruction of every property, all lawns excavated; every street widened and sidewalks replaced. (Mayor Alan Autry's "No Neighborhood Left Behind" scenario re: new sidewalks and gutters.)

    While some structures are removed and others expanded, alleys are narrowed in order to compensate for what has been cut off front lawns - all property lines end up different. This is why ALL structures throughout Fresno are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. But you won't find any record for this - instead of permits, inspections or enforcement of code regulations, public records have been altered to make it appear that things were always as they are now!

    Here is the evidence of just 1 block (Tower District.)


    Directly north (next door) to the above

    Around the corner

    Directly west

    Continuing down Olive Ave.

    Directly east of the above.

    Directly across the street - also on Olive

    More street widening



    Those familiar with Fresno's historic Tower District will be shocked to learn the truth - click below.



    The entire city has been turned inside out to pull this off. Nothing is standing as it was when built. Parcel maps illegally altered in escrow as rebuilt trash sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

    This is what the City of Fresno committed perjury to deny. Because in order to pull this off on my family's, neighbor's and my property without leaving witnesses or complaints, they conspired in having us annihilated. In a short radius of 200' they left a string of burglaries, ID theft, fraudulent legal documents, illegal conversion of assets, suspected homicides, unsolved murder as Olive Ave. was widened, shown above. They actually deny widening the street or relocation of street lights, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc. Knowing they were caught, they turned the tables and made ME appear the criminal while portraying themselves as victims.

    Mr. Trost, mentioned in the above letter, refused to help or answer questions. Even when asked about the relocated water meter in the alley, which is PUBLIC INFORMATION, he demanded, "That is YOUR problem, it is on YOUR property!" I do not own the alley nor maintain the city water meters. This is the City's responsibility, verified on their own web page.

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    Mr. Trost then committed perjury to cover all of this up and has since refused to acknowledge me. How is this for a set up? DEATH THREATS FOLLOWED. Then came the City of Fresno's sexual harassment against me for exposing this operation.

    The City of Fresno is using the late John Bonadelle's name behind all of this. (Bonadelle, largest developer in the county who was previously found guilty of conspiring with the City of Fresno in development fraud.
    CLICK: Leading Developer Indicted)

    In-between the City of Fresno's death threats, sexual harassment, monitoring and sabotaging my attempts to seek help and compensation for the heinous crimes they committed, the City of Fresno and their mob are laughing at the public, including farmers without water, for being too "oblivious" to ever figure out the truth behind the valley's "water shortage."

    Search Fraud in Fresno