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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Open letter to the daughter of MURDERED William W. Polzin

    I don't know your name but I recall seeing you with your father, shortly before his murder. You were shopping for clothes, both of you happy as could be.

    Your father was a good man. A very hard worker who people looked up to with respect. I met him when I was a teller at Bank of America, back in the 70s. Then he moved to his shop on Olive Ave., located 1/2-block to the west of my family's properties also on Olive Ave. Your father's murder was a shock. His neighbors said they saw nothing; heard nothing; no one could imagine why something so tragic had taken place. There was no motive, no evidence, nothing.

    Did you happen to notice that immediately after your father's death, the structure was totally rebuilt - it is now much larger. The street was widened. Fire hydrant was relocated from Olive Ave. to the residential street. (Unaltered parcel map would reveal the biggest shock of all.) All this took place behind the secret replacement of the city's water system. That explains why your father's neighbors had gone to such lengths in covering up the alterations taking place on the corner property they were occupying - removing bushes and planting tall plants to prevent outsiders from seeing the construction and altering of sewer and water lines, all of which was in preparation for being tied into your father's property. I know this because as the street and sidewalk in front of your dad's shop were torn up, RAK ("Blob") walked me across the street to show me all the new pipes going down the NEW PROPERTY LINE, beneath the cement, and beneath the tree planter that had recently been put in the street. The fact that your father's neighbors claimed no knowledge of any of this taking place is the first clue behind your father's murder.

    Even though I saw all of these alterations taking place, it never occurred to me that it was being done illegally, unauthorized or in secret. Until my family's properties were targeted next. And the neighbor to the east of me, along Olive Ave. Your father's neighbors had moved around the corner and repeated the process - more alterations; more lies. By the time it was over I was reporting suspected homicides, attempted murder, fraudulent and forged legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies, burglary, ID theft, real estate fraud, and more. The City of Fresno set us up, had our properties taken by fraud, rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system, re-sold on deeds reflecting new property lines. They also "gutted" my home behind our 2 Olive Ave. properties and shoddily rebuilt it on top of corroded, clamped sewer and water lines - then called me a "liar!" According to Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst, it was Mayor Alan Autry who instructed him to have a Restraining Order issued against me - committing perjury, calling me a "liar" and further turning the tables by deeming ME to be a "danger to THEM!" Death threats followed, if I continue to expose this information. Knowing my photos had been stolen and public records altered to cover up the evidence, Mr. Trost smirked, "You will never prove it." When I told him he was covering up several suspected homicides and the truth behind an unsolved murder across the street, he laughed. The fact that public records (parcel maps and aerial views) were altered to make it appear that things were always this way, is the second clue behind your father's murder.

    Here is a copy of the unaltered sewer layout 1/2-block to the west of your father's property, which verifies exactly what they did down Olive Ave. It entailed all the changes mentioned above.

    Secret widening of Olive Ave. began long ago - more murders, arson, more. CLICK: Olive Ave., Tower District (More not mentioned here.)

    This shows the difference in the residential streets on both sides of your father's property, which the city also claims no knowledge of - more altered records.

    Overview of the Olive Ave. properties I am describing. With various neighbors first "planted" as "credible witnesses" that nothing took place, property owners were killed in order to carry out all the above alterations without leaving witnesses or complaints. Public records show how neighbors intertwine and relocate as this continues throughout town.

    The attorney for your father's estate was David A. Silva. which may be the third clue behind the murder of your father.

    Mr. Silva is the same attorney who conspired with the ringleader behind all of this, Wilbert G. Swieso, in preparing fraudulent legal documents for my family's properties.

    Mr. Silva was also the estate attorney for the deceased mother of another deceased young man around the corner from your father, linked to the neighbors who lied about the facts surrounding the murder of your father. (And much more.)

    With evidence of PG&E theft as well as hidden cameras linked to this group ("People Watchers" behind all the relocated and additional utility poles), I can't help but wonder if that is how the murderer knew the exact time your father stepped outside when he was shot/killed. As for David A. Silva, I can find no evidence that he was a legitimate attorney. Upon reporting him to CA State BAR Assn. for fraud and corruption, he fled, never to be seen again.

    After losing our properties and narrowly escaping Mr. Swieso and his mob, I began to research Mr. Silva. I recalled him mentioning he had a disabled child - he also said he was once employed by the FBI - would that mean FARM BUREAU, INTERNATIONAL?!?

    Perhaps if there had been a legitimate investigation into what I reported, information about your father's murder would have also been addressed. Instead, see how this was handled - be sure to look at the dates:

    After submitting the requested information:

    My response:

    Nothing had ever been looked into. As you can see, while CA State BAR Assn. was justifying the fraud/corruption I reported, Mr. Silva was secretly closing his office.

    My complaint was never looked into. Only after Silva abandoned his other clients was he disbarred.

    Mr. Silva's partner, Mr. Swieso, was never investigated which is odd since they had offices next door to one another and "shared clients." That is the the fourth clue.

    See what Principal Insurance has to say about their "top agent":

    In addition to contacting / meeting with 3 attorneys regarding the fraud committed to my family and me (no help), this is what our local attorney referral had to say (posted with their knowledge / permission.) Once again, had my complaints been investigated, it may have led to exposing the truth behind your father's murder.

    As you can see, there is no help or consequences behind this nightmare - it is no wonder your father's murder has remained "unsolved." The effort appears to go into covering up all the surrounding facts so this operation can continue without the public's knowledge. Reporting it is treated as the biggest crime of all!

    The reason I knew when your grandmother died 4 yrs ago is because people linked to your dad's neighbors handled her estate. Naturally, old records would have been discarded - photographs would be discarded and/or scanned and altered to make it appear that no alterations took place, as done to me /my family. If so, that would be your fifth clue of what these people are running.

    Even after all of these clues the truth about your father's murder did not occur to me until L.O.G., who was going through your grandmother's estate, carried on about murdering people, smirking that no one ever figured out who killed your father. ("Blob" [mentioned above] is another one who boasts of murdering people - seen sneaking/stealing in my dad's home just prior to his death. On record is a Restraining Order I filed against him for threatening to kill me and being someone I considered a danger to my handicapped uncle's life [Down's syndrome, totally bedridden] - in retailiation, "Blob" filed one against me, filled with lies. I later learned of "Blob's" affiliation with others who intertwine throughout so much - including the person who claimed responsibility for having my handicapped uncle's gold-filled teeth removed!) Suddenly, it all *clicked.* Everything I had been reporting, including some of the people who intertwined through so much, were the same as behind your father's situation.

    I recently contacted Fresno Police Detective Ledbetter, who claims to be the detective on your father's case. But he was not interested in any of the information I had. Not even that it was linked to several suspected homicides across the street - behind the same motive, linking the same people. He was not interested that your father's neighbors lied about the surrounding circumstances or what took place before, during and after. He said he was only interested in a "matching bullet" or a "confession from the killer." Detective Ledbetter suggested I make a donation to Crime Stoppers for a TV "reenactment of the murder." In other words, despite a reward for information behind your dad's murder, the information is not wanted or allowed. There is your sixth clue behind the "unsolved" murder of your father.

    As a matter of interest, Mr. Swieso's associate, Jeffry C. Winslow, boasted of doing this to his former wife and her family. Check this out:
    Winslow Fraud, Forgeries and Worse Mr. Winslow is owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort - he is linked to the upcoming Mono Casino, which is why his trail is also being covered up. That is what all of this is about! Secret replacement of the water system for upcoming development of casinos, golf courses, housing, dams - I know, because Mr. Swieso had been talking about it during the entire 20 yrs I 'knew' him. He even took me on a tour, showing me where our water is being re-directed.

    During my employment by Mr. Swieso on 2 occasions, I saw this same pattern take place on countless occasions - but never did I suspect anything like this.

    No justice, dead or alive. I have often wondered, which is worse. Not knowing? Or knowing, but prohibited from pursuing justice. To this day, I have never even been allowed to file a report for what happened to my family or our properties. So believe me when I say I know what it is like to have one's life destroyed and forced to live without closure. I think back to the day I saw you and it breaks my heart that you were forced to grow up without your father. I am sorry your grandmother spent the rest of her life without closure. At this point, I do not know how much longer I will still be alive - the City of Fresno and their mob have me pinned into a corner with no way out. In the meantime, know that in my ongoing efforts to seek help, I will not allow any of this information to be kicked aside - we are all entitled to more than this.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    UPDATE! August 3, 2009

    As stated above, your father's neighbors were/are being used as "credible witnesses" that nothing took place before, during or after the murder of your father.

    I also mentioned that this operation is being carried out citywide - unauthorized reconstruction of every single parcel, without permits or inspections followed by altered public records to make it appear that things were always this way.

    Here we will take a closer look at your father's neighbors and why they would blatantly LIE.

    This is the home next door to your father's shop, where the same alterations took place. (The other one was removed - no record of that either.)

    Your father's neighbors also occupied the first house around the corner where the same scenario took place. (More hell and deaths.)

    Then they moved directly next door, where the same scenario took place.

    OF COURSE THEY SAY THAT NONE OF THIS TOOK PLACE there or across the street, where my family was murdered to pull this off; attempted murder of me. More suspected homicides on the other side of me - same scenario.

    Murder, burglary, rape, poison, hidden cameras, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, electricity theft, more. This is how the "path is cleared" as the City of Fresno's water system is secretly replaced.

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