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    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Mayor Autry's cover-up will result in more deaths

    Alongside the City of Fresno's infamous "Operation Rezone" is another operation being tied in by Wilbert Swieso, former employee of the City of Fresno. Mr. Swieso, one of Fresno's most respectable, long-time insurance agents / estate planner / financial consultant / Long Term Care broker, has spent 50 yrs carrying out one of the most horrific operations in history. Preying on his clients, their families / neighbors / friends, gaining access to their property with offers of "help with home repairs" ~ he "clears the path" in order to continue his secret sideline.

    After many years of hell, poisoning, suspected homicides of family and neighbors (including murder of 1 as this took place), I narrowly escaped ~ only to be met with former Fresno's Mayor Alan Autry ordering perjury to call me a "liar" about what took place. Prohibited from help; stripped of human and civil rights; there is absolutely no way out of this nightmare ~ my death is now inevitable. The pattern / trail (and common sense) indicate my siblings will follow, courtesy of Alan Autry's participation.

    Below: Mr. Swieso succeeded in wiping my family out ~ vacating the properties ~ having them completely rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system.

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    2 of my family's 3 properties were in an Irrevocable Trust!

    Mr. Swieso could not allow distribution of MY FAMILY'S ASSETS among the 4 beneficiaries so he set out to annihilate and seize control.

    Alleged poisoning, fake attorney for fraudulent legal documents appointing himself, "Trustee", fraudulent insurance policy appointing himself, "beneficiary", enlisting the help of Principal Ins, DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins., City of Fresno and others, he cleared us out + MUCH WORSE.

    Neighbors also targeted ~ diagram below does not show the Laundromat next door, where the owner seems to have "vanished" after being set up by the City's risk analyst as done to me. Using his own work crew, Mr. Swieso had ALL properties completely rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system. Using his recruited City and PG&E employees, they overrode the Planning Dept. and had property lines changed, streets widened, utility poles relocated / reconnected, followed by altered public records to cover up the evidence ~ as though nothing took place.

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    Despite witnesses and evidence, the City of Fresno is using Mr. Swieso's "planted" occupants, lying risk analysts, and illegally-altered records to call me a "liar." Going as far as committing perjury (which the sr. risk analyst said was done upon Alan Autry's request) to call me a "liar" and prohibit reports, help, restitution. Death threats and sexual harassment followed.

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    As if I could have made this up. I wish I did.

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    City of Fresno risk analyst set me up so I could not file a claim for ANY of this.

    The city's risk analysts even deny their own street widening i.e., Olive Ave. (historic Tower Dist.) Olive Ave. was a tight, narrow 2-lane street, which now has a middle lane. Common sense indicates this could not have been possible without the destruction/reconstruction of street-lined properties ~ it verifies everything stated above.  So they had the property owners eliminated (inc. attempted murder of me) followed by altered public records to cover up the evidence. (Reporting facts behind
    unsolved murders not wanted/allowed.)

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    Elimination of property owners also entailed fraudulent legal documents linked to Mr. Swieso. How did Mr. Swieso and his attorney (David A. Silva) get by with such fraud? Were reports to CA BAR Assn. intercepted /sabotaged as other reports have been? Click below for one of the most shocking cover-ups imaginable.

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    Real estate fraud resulted in being cheated in excess of $1 million. Reports were disregarded ~ help prohibited.
    Organized crime / municipal corruption

    Layer upon layer of fraud, lies, annihilation of innocent residents as Mr. Swieso recruits various City employees in having innocent residents of Fresno annihilated; seizing control of property, assets. He has taken control of the city's overhead and underground utilities while laughing at City officials for being too "incompetent" to ever catch or stop him. No wonder he is laughing ~ HE HAS THEM ASSISTING HIM IN GETTING BY WITH ALL OF THIS!

    Mr. Swieso appears to be using recruited city employees to assure others that what is taking place is totally legitimate. Keep in mind that the City of Fresno keeps records for such alterations of city property ~ there is absolutely NO RECORD OR ACCOUNTING for what Mr. Swieso and his mob are carrying out. With his own work crew sneaking behind the City's back ~ the billion$ of dollars needed to carry out his portion appears to be funded from the insurance fraud, real estate theft, ID theft, etc. being covered up.

    Alan Autry not only sealed my fate, be sure my siblings will not survive this either. Alan Autry's so-called "help" to them was nothing but another set up ~ they served their purpose and will be discarded as well.

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