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    Fresno CA's Historic Tower District

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Do You See A Pattern? Murders, deaths, disappearances - Fresno, CA

    We never stood a chance. Rolf and I were on the path – occupants being eliminated in order to widen the streets and rebuild structures on top of secretly-replaced water system.

    Rolf – the City of Fresno set him up to be killed (same technique used on countless others), then altered public records to cover up what ensued, including widening Olive Ave.

    CLICK:>Down’s syndrome man annihilated by City of Fresno

    One (1) door east, same risk analyst lied/set up owner of this property. More altered records to cover evidence of what ensued. Wilbert Swieso* claims Alan Autry ordered this one, yet it was Mr. Swieso seen forging the name while citing his motto, “You can’t live for the dead.” Exactly as he said regarding the fraudulent legal documents for Rolf’s properties. City refused to investigate – told me, “Without a body there is no crime.” What about real estate fraud, forgeries and links to surrounding deaths/murders? No comment.

    CLICK:>Laundromat Next Door

    Two (2) doors west, William Polzin’s murder remains “unsolved” due to altering evidence/cover-up by City of Fresno.

    CLICK:>Polzin Murder Cover-Up

    One (1) door north, Alan Autry set me up to be killed. Ongoing poison while being robbed, raped. Home torn apart section at a time, rebuilt with trash on top of secretly-replaced water system. More altered records, perjury to deny – instead of help / restitution, City sabotaged insurance so no recourse. Name calling, death threats for my continued pleas for help.

    CLICK:>My Home, the Aftermath

    MORE PHOTOS:>Property Left a Shambles

    One (1) more door north, occupants planted/rewarded to participate. Evidence behind all the above, as well as the deaths of my earlier family members now buried beneath the lies and altered records. After serving his purpose, J.C. Winslow* told me exactly how the husband would die.

    CLICK:>Next-Door Neighbors

    Directly across the street was a death, caused by Toxoplasma: sewage-contaminated soil, likely linked to the relocation / replacement of sewer/water lines connected to the Polzin property – which the City of Fresno denies took place.

    CLICK:>Across the Street

    One (1) door south, woman allegedly vanished, participant rotated in.

    It was not expected I would survive – so the City of Fresno reacted to my reports by committing perjury to deny ALL. From the street widening, tree pulling, major reconstruction, relocation of utility poles, street lights, etc.

    The City paid the above risk analyst to have a filed a Restraining Order against me – deeming ME guilty of “harassment.” Calling ME a “Danger to THEM!” Sexual harassment, death threats followed. And so did the ongoing nightmare.
    In-between being raped as the hell continued, courtesy of the City of Fresno ===>>CLICK PIC

    Due to reporting these structures rebuilt on top of cross-connected water lines, Round 2 ensued. Incapacitated, alleged use of catheter during long durations as structures completely torn up again. South side of my home cut back so far, crawl space in basement no longer exists – replaced with cinder-blocks. Once again, all rooms left smaller – more theft and altering of furniture. What about items in storage?

    CLICK:>Local Moving & Storage Co.

    Most of my stocks appear to have been sold off, as done to my father’s stocks. Credit card bills maxed out – withdrawals made from them? Records missing.

    No help, no restitution – not even allowed to file reports. The City of Fresno even intercepted / sabotaged my property insurance so no recourse.

    The risk analyst who set Rolf and me up later agreed that these structures had been rebuilt on top of this trash (relocated, replaced, clamped-together, corroded sewer and water lines. She also verified there was no record of it. Then she explained that the City was not responsible since:

    1) It is private property; and

    2) The “previous owner had it done.”

    By that time, she obviously thought I was dead too.

    CLICK:>The Final Chapter

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Mayor Autry's cover-up will result in more deaths

    Alongside the City of Fresno's infamous "Operation Rezone" is another operation being tied in by Wilbert Swieso, former employee of the City of Fresno. Mr. Swieso, one of Fresno's most respectable, long-time insurance agents / estate planner / financial consultant / Long Term Care broker, has spent 50 yrs carrying out one of the most horrific operations in history. Preying on his clients, their families / neighbors / friends, gaining access to their property with offers of "help with home repairs" ~ he "clears the path" in order to continue his secret sideline.

    After many years of hell, poisoning, suspected homicides of family and neighbors (including murder of 1 as this took place), I narrowly escaped ~ only to be met with former Fresno's Mayor Alan Autry ordering perjury to call me a "liar" about what took place. Prohibited from help; stripped of human and civil rights; there is absolutely no way out of this nightmare ~ my death is now inevitable. The pattern / trail (and common sense) indicate my siblings will follow, courtesy of Alan Autry's participation.

    Below: Mr. Swieso succeeded in wiping my family out ~ vacating the properties ~ having them completely rebuilt on top of the City's secretly-replaced water system.

    Free Image Hosting

    2 of my family's 3 properties were in an Irrevocable Trust!

    Mr. Swieso could not allow distribution of MY FAMILY'S ASSETS among the 4 beneficiaries so he set out to annihilate and seize control.

    Alleged poisoning, fake attorney for fraudulent legal documents appointing himself, "Trustee", fraudulent insurance policy appointing himself, "beneficiary", enlisting the help of Principal Ins, DiBuduo & DeFendis Ins., City of Fresno and others, he cleared us out + MUCH WORSE.

    Neighbors also targeted ~ diagram below does not show the Laundromat next door, where the owner seems to have "vanished" after being set up by the City's risk analyst as done to me. Using his own work crew, Mr. Swieso had ALL properties completely rebuilt on top of secretly-replaced water system. Using his recruited City and PG&E employees, they overrode the Planning Dept. and had property lines changed, streets widened, utility poles relocated / reconnected, followed by altered public records to cover up the evidence ~ as though nothing took place.

    Free Image Hosting

    Despite witnesses and evidence, the City of Fresno is using Mr. Swieso's "planted" occupants, lying risk analysts, and illegally-altered records to call me a "liar." Going as far as committing perjury (which the sr. risk analyst said was done upon Alan Autry's request) to call me a "liar" and prohibit reports, help, restitution. Death threats and sexual harassment followed.

    Click Above

    As if I could have made this up. I wish I did.

    Free Image Hosting

    City of Fresno risk analyst set me up so I could not file a claim for ANY of this.

    The city's risk analysts even deny their own street widening i.e., Olive Ave. (historic Tower Dist.) Olive Ave. was a tight, narrow 2-lane street, which now has a middle lane. Common sense indicates this could not have been possible without the destruction/reconstruction of street-lined properties ~ it verifies everything stated above.  So they had the property owners eliminated (inc. attempted murder of me) followed by altered public records to cover up the evidence. (Reporting facts behind
    unsolved murders not wanted/allowed.)

    Free Image Hosting

    Elimination of property owners also entailed fraudulent legal documents linked to Mr. Swieso. How did Mr. Swieso and his attorney (David A. Silva) get by with such fraud? Were reports to CA BAR Assn. intercepted /sabotaged as other reports have been? Click below for one of the most shocking cover-ups imaginable.

    Click Above

    Real estate fraud resulted in being cheated in excess of $1 million. Reports were disregarded ~ help prohibited.
    Organized crime / municipal corruption

    Layer upon layer of fraud, lies, annihilation of innocent residents as Mr. Swieso recruits various City employees in having innocent residents of Fresno annihilated; seizing control of property, assets. He has taken control of the city's overhead and underground utilities while laughing at City officials for being too "incompetent" to ever catch or stop him. No wonder he is laughing ~ HE HAS THEM ASSISTING HIM IN GETTING BY WITH ALL OF THIS!

    Mr. Swieso appears to be using recruited city employees to assure others that what is taking place is totally legitimate. Keep in mind that the City of Fresno keeps records for such alterations of city property ~ there is absolutely NO RECORD OR ACCOUNTING for what Mr. Swieso and his mob are carrying out. With his own work crew sneaking behind the City's back ~ the billion$ of dollars needed to carry out his portion appears to be funded from the insurance fraud, real estate theft, ID theft, etc. being covered up.

    Alan Autry not only sealed my fate, be sure my siblings will not survive this either. Alan Autry's so-called "help" to them was nothing but another set up ~ they served their purpose and will be discarded as well.

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Major cover-up behind infrastructure upgrade


    Why is the City of Fresno denying that Olive Ave. was widened? Most people in Fresno will verify it was widened. Photographs verify it was widened.

    The City water layout verifies it was widened. This is how / when the middle lane appeared.

    So the question is how could this have been possible without major reconstruction of the street-lined properties? It wasn't. Street-lined properties were indeed cut back. Sidewalks also left more narrow, which the City of Fresno also denies.

    Biggest mystery of all: How could it be possible to remove several feet from the fronts of these parcels, yet end up with the parcels measuring the same length?

    Carried out one block at a time. In this case, done during the citywide upgrade when the street was already torn up. The heavy equipment remained for days, blocking the view as this took place.

    This parcel is directly behind the one on Olive Ave.

    Another view of the property on Olive Ave. as well as the one behind it.

    This diagram is not to specifications ~ it is merely an example of how this is being done throughout the city. For actual photos Click here

    Why were there no witnesses or complaints? "Planted" tenants and neighbors ~ elimination of others.

    I am the only survivor from the nightmare shown above / below. My handicapped uncle, neighbors on 3 sides left dead ~ fraudulent legal documents, real estate fraud, insurance fraud as well as altered city records to cover up the evidence of what took place, hence the perjury and death threats against me for exposing this.

    Then came a threatening reminder from the City of Fresno ~ I am not allowed to report the people or horrors behind this OR ELSE!

    Click Above

    Attempting to expose others involved in this operation, I posted a blog. The City of Fresno keeps me closely monitored ~ see how they reacted. (According to Kerry Trost, Sr. Risk Analyst, it was then-Mayor Alan Autry who gave instructions to have the R.O. issued against me. You will also notice the Mayor mentioned in the letter from the City Attorney's office. Thanks honey, but no thanks.)

    Click Above

    THE REASON FOR ALL OF THIS? Secret water diversion.



    We are told that the reason behind the nation's infrastructure upgrade is due to old, unreliable pipes. Billions of dollars are being spent to replace/upgrade our nation's water infrastructure.

    From what I understand, our Government is preparing for a predicted major catastrophe. Additional panic in Fresno/central valley as a result of what else is being covered up.

    50 yrs ago, prior to concerns of a major catastrophe, a secret water diversion operation began in central CA. Cities torn apart and rebuilt on top of clamped sewer and water lines followed by altered records to cover up the evidence. Click: Marla

    No record or accounting for what is shown below. Done without permits, inspections or safety precautions. No concern for anyone other than those behind this, with intentions of secretly diverting the water source. According to the self-proclaimed mastermind, WGS, the public believes whatever they are told ~ too oblivious to ever figure this out.



    Our water system was torn apart and haphazardly replaced ~ now held together with CLAMPS! Structures were rebuilt on TOP of this mess. Done in-between sales or under the guise of "renovations" ~ parcel maps illegally altered in escrow. WGS is correct ~ new owners remain oblivious wihle held responsible for the maintenance and code violations.

    In some cases, the operation involves the City of Fresno's risk analysts lying and setting up property owners for annihilation in order to seize control of the property to carry this out. Reporting this, including the trail of burglaries, illness, deaths, murder/s, suspected homicides, attempted murder, fraudulent legal documents, insurance fraud, ID theft, real estate fraud was NOT allowed.

    Click Above

    So keep in mind that while the infrastructure upgrade is legitimate, the water diversion operation is not. At this point, however, it has all been tied in together by WGS and his mob ~ more code violations and altered records to cover up the evidence.

    Turns out that the central valley's infrastructure upgrade is headed to higher ground, where new development is being planned. With plans of protecting themselves from predicted catastrophes, the rest of us have been left in greater danger than ever before.

    Look at the figure$. You will find that billions of taxpayer dollars are being invested into STRENGTHENING our water infrastructure upgrade, yet there is no record or accounting for the billions of dollars being invested into WEAKENING our water infrastructure.

    That is why despite witnesses, photographs and the City's own unaltered records, the risk analysts went as far as to commit perjury to deny the City's street widening, relocation of utility poles, fire hydrants, water meters, etc. It was not authorized ~ it was done illegally while secretly replacing the water system. Records were then altered to make it appear that things were always as they are now. Where is all this money coming from for what these risk analysts are involved in? It appears to be coming from the suspected homicides, real estate theft, insurance fraud being covered up!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    The 1983 death of my mother linked to THIS!

    Additional information coincides with my suspicions behind the 1983 death of my mother, which is linked to the horrors behind the secret water diversion operation described on my page. Click: Marla

    The information / evidence involves another partner to the self-proclaimed mastermind, Wilbert Swieso. Both of these gentlemen targeted my family back in 1982; their associates are linked throughout EVERYTHING described on my page.

    This group is leaving a trail of burglaries, ID theft, forged documents, reports of poisoning, suspected homicides, real estate theft, insurance fraud, unsolved murder. Reports are prohibited as this operation began 50 yrs ago - no reports or witnesses left behind.

    Although this is a city-wide operation, what I described above, covers a radius of only 250' along Olive Ave., Fresno's Historic Tower District. That includes suspected homicide of my other family members and attempted murder of me.

    Directly (next door) to the east of my family's properties (note the dates):

    Click Above

    Across the street, 2 doors to the west - facts behind this unsolved murder not wanted or allowed.

    Click Above

    My family's properties were located in the middle of what is described above - more deaths around the corner - all linked to this nightmare, beyond anything imaginable. Same names throughout.

    The current City of Fresno's risk analysts are involved in the atrocities that took place on 4 of the 5 properties mentioned above; and cover-up of of entire operation.

    As I stated - reports were not allowed - that was treated as the biggest crime of all.

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Below is the Mayor who is mentioned in the above letter / cover-up.

    Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
    aka: Bubba Skinner "Heat of the Night" 1988-1995

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Haitian orphans | Beware of CA central valley

    These precious and innocent victims have already endured far too much. As much as we may want to open our homes, lives and hearts in order to help those in need, under the circumstances, it could result in far more trauma and devastation rather than help or protection.

    Contrary to ongoing assurances that building codes, regulations and earthquake standards are in compliance in CA's central valley, quite the opposite is true. Look at this page to learn about a 50-yr operation that has left cities shoddily rebuilt, without permits or inspections, on top of a water system that is haphazardly clamped together. Click: Marla

    The operation began in Fresno, CA and has spread. The major code violations are endangering all residents. Talk of a catastrophe continue. Reports to the City of Fresno result in more lies, altered records, perjury, death threats and sexual harassment, as described / shown on the top link. To date, no help from State or Federal agencies either. These are the first clues that something is horribly wrong - that this is not the safe haven it may appear to be.

    The next thing to keep in mind is that a major earthquake, possibly the same magnitude that took place in Haiti, is expected in CA. Click on this blog, which entails a compilation of information and predictions for such an event. Common sense should indicate that due to the manner in which cities were rebuilt, structures will likely collapse as quickly and as easily as they did in Haiti. Click: CA Earthquake Info / Predictions

    Aside from the "alleged" (horrific) crimes being covered up in order to carry out the secret water diversion operation, it would seem horribly unfair (cruel and inhumane?) to subject these victims to the imminent devastation which appears to be forthcoming.

    Click on links to contact:

    The National Council For Adoption (NCFA)
    Raymond Joseph, Haitian Ambassador to US
    Kenneth H Merten, US Ambassador to Haiti


    Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Slashing red tape or ignoring ordinarily required paperwork, officials in the United States and the Netherlands have cleared the way for scores of Haitian orphans to leave their earthquake-ravaged homeland, according to officials from the two countries.
    All of the children had adoptions pending with prospective parents in the two countries before Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude quake, and government officials said paperwork was expedited or put on hold to make transfers happen on an emergency basis.

    Haitian orphans rushed to new homes 1/17/10

    In a move mirroring “Operation Pedro Pan” for Cuba in the 1960s, Catholic Charities and other S. Florida immigrant rights organizations are planning to airlift thousands of Haitian children left orphaned by the earthquake.

    Church, immigrant groups plan to airlift Haitian orphans to S. Florida 1/17/10

    Haiti was home to an estimated 380,000 orphans before the earthquake.

    That number is expected to grow.

    Saturday, December 26, 2009

    This affects Fresno (CA central valley) SEE DIAGRAMS

    It appears that I am the first person to have ever lived long enough to expose the 50-yr secret replacement of the city water system, entailing horrific crimes and major alterations to the entire city, which there is no record of. Removal of trees, street widening, relocation of storm drains, fire hydrants, street lights and utility poles. Reconstruction of private properties on top of this new water system.

    On one hand, we never saw what was taking place yet on the other hand, it was being carried out right under our noses. We simply did not question "renovations" in-between sales. We did not question whether street widening was authorized. We did not question yards being excavated under the guise of new sprinklers. We even got so used to seeing and hearing about fires/arson that nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary.

    This blog is focusing on Fresno's historic Tower District, where I have lived my entire life. The alterations took place so slowly over the years, no one ever noticed that our once-beautiful and historic Tower District is nothing but a shoddily rebuilt replication on top of a new water system. Click below and read about 20 (minimum) fires within a 2-mile radius.

    Same thing on residential areas. Since widening of streets on all sides, the blocks end up smaller. At least 1 home is removed from both sides of every block as others are slowly shifted in a "ripple effect." To avoid complaints, occupants are "planted" as homes are sold. From burglaries, suspected homicides, unsolved murders - to street widening and major reconstruction of city and private properties, these "planted" occupants claim no knowledge.

    Olive Ave. was a narrow, 2-lane street, lined with store-front properties and beautiful historic buildings. To even *think* about widening this street would have been front-page news, resulting in great protest. So it was done secretly, one block at a time. Done so slowly, no one paid attention. What about the property owners - why were there no complaints? See earlier blogs regarding real estate fraud and elimination of property owners.

    With 50 yrs of preparations carried out, properties along Olive Ave. were the last to be rebuilt on top of the new water system. Done during the infrastructure upgrade when the street was torn up and all the heavy equipment remained for days. As the street was widened without notice, structures were torn apart and set back 8'.

    Water meters and sewer manholes in the alley had been relocated as these structures were rebuilt on top of the secrety-replaced water system - no authorization, permits or inspections for any of it. Property lines changed. Parcel maps illegally altered in escrow; aerial views (dating back to the 80s) altered - as though nothing had been changed.

    Finally, I went to City Hall and picked up a copy of the water layout. It verified everything I was being called a "liar" about. Death threats increased. I am NOT to expose this operation OR ELSE.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    All property lines changed; all structures now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines, which property owners are held liable to maintain. Keep in mind that none of this was done with permits or inspections; major code violations.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    No more old, well-established lawns remain. They were excavated to access underground utilities, including gas lines also reconnected without permits or inspections - no record for any of it.

    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~


    Same technique. What is removed from the front lawns was added to the back yards. Resulting in wider streets; narrowing of alleys.

    Garages at the end of alleys are rebuilt, extended into the alley to make it appear that the alleys were always this narrow.


    ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~ + ~

    As mentioned in earlier blogs, my family and neighbors were set up for annihilation so this could take place. It was not expected I would still be alive either. In retaliation for reporting the horrors that took place, the City stooped to name calling, perjury and a Restraining Order issued against me so I was prohibited from seeking help or restitution, followed by death threats and sexual harassment.

    Throughout all of this the City has turned the tables in an attempt to make ME appear the criminal and THEY are the victims. Last week, risk analyst # 3 implied that I posted a "cut-and-paste" of the sexual harassment. Wrong. I am not the person altering records or covering up the actions of the City of Fresno.

    Money was being poured into repairs as quickly as the properties were being torn apart. Brand new central heat/air units; new window coverings; new roofs; painting; on and on. Due to the never-ending hell, flooding and damages, I mortgaged my home in order to save the 2 commercial properties - FOR FAMILY. Due to more fraud, we were run off and cheated out of $1 million. After the property lines were changed I was threatened with a lawsuit if I did not comply with their orders - leaving no room for a large vehicle in my own driveway behind the 2 Olive Ave. properties! My home was left a shambles, now with a mortgage on it. It was torn up to the point that I cannot rent it out (and move into the garage/apt.) Attempts to seek help appear to be sabotaged. As I have said all along, the City of Fresno's secret water diversion operation appears to be nothing less than a murder, burglary and real estate fraud operation. They do not leave witnesses behind - that way no one files complaints.

    It was not expected that I would still be alive. Not only were the properties shoddily rebuilt with inferior materials, my belongings were being stolen / switched with inferior items. In an attempt to save what was left, I called a moving company - 5 huge big rig trailers were filled and put into storage. I paid thousands in hauling and storage fees. It has been implied that big rigs were used to switch the trailers in order to switch everything I owned. Rather than look, I have continued paying the LARGE monthly fee, always thinking that this nightmare would be addressed properly. It has only resulted in more hell and more death threats.

    We were on our own properties when the City of Fresno and their group stepped in and wiped us out. Done while I was a care provider, my handicapped uncle's hospitalizations/death coincided with the sewage back spills which the risk analyst was lying about. I endured ongoing illness and cellulitis of both feet. My neighbor contracted hepatitis and had 1 foot amputated; he died. Other neighbor was never seen again after being lied to by the risk analyst. Neighbor across the street was murdered when this was done to his property. More.

    This is how Olive Ave. was widened without any complaints. All structures rebuilt without permits or inspections.

    For more information and photos Click: Marla

    Search Fraud in Fresno