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    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Fresno's felony altering utility poles

    Kerry Trost, Senior Risk Manager for the City of Fresno claims I did not "see" any alterations take place, so that means it did not happen. First of all, I have lived here my entire life and am more than just a little familiar with the layout. Secondly, I sure DID see the street and alley torn up - as the City's heavy equipment remained here for DAYS! But NEVER did I imagine that seeing this kind of street/alley work would entail tearing my family's properties apart and patching them back together while I was employed by Wilbert G. Swieso, the risk analyst's associate (and former appraiser for the City of Fresno.)

    LONG before I had a copy of the City's sewer layout, I repeatedly reported that sewer lines and manholes had been relocated - DOCUMENTED! The City's own sewer layout verifies exactly what I reported. The risk analyst lied about the cause of sewage back spills, she lied about the connections from the Laundromat to my property, she lied about cross-connecting my garage lines to the house lines, and to this day, I don't know where the other half of the garage is connected. (UPDATE: More unauthorized altering of my home, including sewer/water/gas lines, covered with new cement.) She lied about the street widening, which entailed destruction and reconstruction of our store-front properties. Damages so horrendous, we lost our 2 income properties!

    These are felony crimes, yet Kerry Trost called me a "liar" and slammed the door. He claims to be more familiar with these properties and layout than I am. The risk analyst claims to know more about the location of utility poles. Evidence is overridden by lies, threats and name-calling.

    Below: More evidence of the street widening and replacement of sewer/water lines - EXACTLY as I reported, which in turn, magnifies the lies of Kerry Trost, etal.

    Kerry Trost called me a "liar" when I said the sewer vent went from 2' to 10' from the fence.

    CONTINUING OUR TOUR DOWN THE ALLEY ..... keep in mind this is the Tower Dist. 1930s-40s. Homes built to last. These are shoddily rebuilt, new walls on garages, falling apart - extended into the alley, as though the alley was always this narrow. The garbage trucks and bins would not have fit! Nor were the utility poles standing in the alley! The plat map shows this was a 20' alley - yet now, in various parts, it is now 14'!

    End of the block - garage on left was not there; one on right rebuilt.

    You will notice that throughout Fresno, garages at ends of blocks are newer than the homes. They have been rebuilt, extending into the alley, which makes the alley more narrow. This, in turn, makes the relocation of utility poles appear legitimate - as though they have always been standing where they are now. In some cases, alleys have been completely closed off. With PG&E's records altered and the numbers on the utility poles transferred, PG&E remains oblivious. Common sense indicates that the large dumpsters and trucks could not possibly fit through this as they did for decades.

    Believe it or not, this used to be a beautiful, well-kept area. The entire city was something we could all be proud of. What you see here has taken place from one end of town to the other. Our city has become a shambles. And in carrying this out, innocent residents are being violated and annihilated - some of whom are never seen again, as the deeds to their property are forged and assets illegally distributed.
    Across the street - in preparation. (Lower right corner.) AT&T junction box was relocated to other side of alley (no record for this.) Home on corner reconstructed; garage expanded to narrow alley; utility poles resituated and reconnected; telephone masts everywhere. Old trees removed along mow strip - notice where new trees are planted for what is coming. No record for any of this or the reconstruction i.e., removal of structures; expansion of others; altered property lines. Only altered plat/parcel maps to make it appear that things have always been this way.


    One block north. When this home underwent reconstruction, it went from a 2-car garage to a 4-car garage. Alley narrowed; no one questions anything.


    See photographs below - how can a wheel chair get through this?
    Does anyone remember the bus stop benches, still leaving plenty of room for anyone to get by - including wheel chairs.

    An obstacle such as a utility pole or fire hydrant placed in the middle of the sidewalk leaving no room for wheelchair users, is considered a peril for pedestrians. This can also lead to serious injury to persons who are blind or partially sighted.

    Palm Ave., in-between Olive and McKinley

    McKinley Ave., in-between Fruit and Palm: Notice the poles are not even aligned - going from sidewalk to mow strip - connected to masts that did not exist prior to all the homes being altered without permits / inspections.

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