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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Financial Help for Tower Dist Property Owners

    For the past few years, various neighbors have mentioned some kind of program offered by the City of Fresno. Low-income homeowners are being given loans for upgrading their property at next to 0% interest rate. I'm told that if the homeowner remains in the same location for 5 yrs, they are not even required to repay the loan! Remodeling, new windows, central air/heating units - quite a program. I have been watching some of the homes undergo such upgrades. Just as I have been watching them undergo structural changes and property line alterations. The people in these homes are linked to the central valley's water scam, which entails massive destruction and reconstruction to private property. Pretty clever, eh?

    Not everyone is offered the financial help. Even though the woman across the street as well as my neighbor were able to take advantage of this wonderful offer, my family and other neighbors were annihilated in order for the group to step in and seize control of our property and assets. Hence the trail of ID theft, forged deeds of people never seen again, illegal conversion of assets, etc.

    Here is another thing I noticed. After the gutting and reconstruction to some of the properties, what a surprise to find PGE's CARE program knocking on doors, offering free light bulbs, free refrigerators, free window caulking, 20% lower untilities for 1 year, as well as free insulation! I took advantage of the offer but did not understand why they would insulate my home when it had already been insulated. In reality, the insulation had been removed when the home was reconstructed without permits or inspections. These folks cover up the sloppy, ill-fitting windows and doors that the fake work crew accompanying Public Works, installed. Insulation covers up even more - including, from what I understand, wiring that leads to hidden cameras.

    Don't forget that as these structures undergo the major alterations and changes in property lines, utility poles are being illegally relocated and reconnected by the group referring to themselves as, "People Watchers." They boast of monitoring and knowing the every move of their victims. They also talk of "giving" and "selling" the babies and small children of their victims; child sex and dismemberment of the older ones. Be sure that if they can move and reconnect the poles, followed by altering PGE's records to cover it up, they can install wiring for hidden cameras. Their trail indicates they would have to keep a CLOSE WATCH on their prey to carry out such horrors.

    The fluorescent light bulbs are encouraged by the "People Watchers." I suppose that speaks for itself. As for the free refrigerator, they trade with one at the same size. Therefore, since I had a large refrigerator, mine was traded for a large energy efficient refrigerator! Sounds good, eh? Not when done in-between the ongoing renovations to one's property without authorization, permits or inspections. With nothing standing as it was when this group stepped in, the refrigerator no longer fit - so a smaller one was put in its place! Twice. I now have something that looks like it belongs in a tiny studio apartment - likely the smallest model made.

    Remember the Tower District "revitalization?" Wasn't that after Olive Ave. was widened entailing massive damages and reconstruction to store-front property? "Repairs" would have been a more suitable term. No one realized that widening of Olive was not authorized - there is no record for it. Not even the massive destruction and reconstruction to street-lined properties. Instead, parcel maps and aerial views were altered to make it appear that things were always as they are now. To avoid witnesses or complaints to private properties, the area was first "planted" with occupants - others were ELIMINATED. Trail of forged and fraudulent legal documents; altered deeds reflect new measurements. This is why there are no older records of Fresno. Old, unaltered photographs have become extremely rare.

    In Fresno, from what it appears, you are either "one of them" or you are "shark bait."

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