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    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Haitian orphans | Beware of CA central valley

    These precious and innocent victims have already endured far too much. As much as we may want to open our homes, lives and hearts in order to help those in need, under the circumstances, it could result in far more trauma and devastation rather than help or protection.

    Contrary to ongoing assurances that building codes, regulations and earthquake standards are in compliance in CA's central valley, quite the opposite is true. Look at this page to learn about a 50-yr operation that has left cities shoddily rebuilt, without permits or inspections, on top of a water system that is haphazardly clamped together. Click: Marla

    The operation began in Fresno, CA and has spread. The major code violations are endangering all residents. Talk of a catastrophe continue. Reports to the City of Fresno result in more lies, altered records, perjury, death threats and sexual harassment, as described / shown on the top link. To date, no help from State or Federal agencies either. These are the first clues that something is horribly wrong - that this is not the safe haven it may appear to be.

    The next thing to keep in mind is that a major earthquake, possibly the same magnitude that took place in Haiti, is expected in CA. Click on this blog, which entails a compilation of information and predictions for such an event. Common sense should indicate that due to the manner in which cities were rebuilt, structures will likely collapse as quickly and as easily as they did in Haiti. Click: CA Earthquake Info / Predictions

    Aside from the "alleged" (horrific) crimes being covered up in order to carry out the secret water diversion operation, it would seem horribly unfair (cruel and inhumane?) to subject these victims to the imminent devastation which appears to be forthcoming.

    Click on links to contact:

    The National Council For Adoption (NCFA)
    Raymond Joseph, Haitian Ambassador to US
    Kenneth H Merten, US Ambassador to Haiti


    Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Slashing red tape or ignoring ordinarily required paperwork, officials in the United States and the Netherlands have cleared the way for scores of Haitian orphans to leave their earthquake-ravaged homeland, according to officials from the two countries.
    All of the children had adoptions pending with prospective parents in the two countries before Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude quake, and government officials said paperwork was expedited or put on hold to make transfers happen on an emergency basis.

    Haitian orphans rushed to new homes 1/17/10

    In a move mirroring “Operation Pedro Pan” for Cuba in the 1960s, Catholic Charities and other S. Florida immigrant rights organizations are planning to airlift thousands of Haitian children left orphaned by the earthquake.

    Church, immigrant groups plan to airlift Haitian orphans to S. Florida 1/17/10

    Haiti was home to an estimated 380,000 orphans before the earthquake.

    That number is expected to grow.

    Search Fraud in Fresno