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    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    The 1983 death of my mother linked to THIS!

    Additional information coincides with my suspicions behind the 1983 death of my mother, which is linked to the horrors behind the secret water diversion operation described on my page. Click: Marla

    The information / evidence involves another partner to the self-proclaimed mastermind, Wilbert Swieso. Both of these gentlemen targeted my family back in 1982; their associates are linked throughout EVERYTHING described on my page.

    This group is leaving a trail of burglaries, ID theft, forged documents, reports of poisoning, suspected homicides, real estate theft, insurance fraud, unsolved murder. Reports are prohibited as this operation began 50 yrs ago - no reports or witnesses left behind.

    Although this is a city-wide operation, what I described above, covers a radius of only 250' along Olive Ave., Fresno's Historic Tower District. That includes suspected homicide of my other family members and attempted murder of me.

    Directly (next door) to the east of my family's properties (note the dates):

    Click Above

    Across the street, 2 doors to the west - facts behind this unsolved murder not wanted or allowed.

    Click Above

    My family's properties were located in the middle of what is described above - more deaths around the corner - all linked to this nightmare, beyond anything imaginable. Same names throughout.

    The current City of Fresno's risk analysts are involved in the atrocities that took place on 4 of the 5 properties mentioned above; and cover-up of of entire operation.

    As I stated - reports were not allowed - that was treated as the biggest crime of all.

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Click Above

    Below is the Mayor who is mentioned in the above letter / cover-up.

    Fresno, CA Mayor Alan Autry 2000-2008
    aka: Bubba Skinner "Heat of the Night" 1988-1995

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    Marla said...

    Oddly, the trail appears to lead back to RWK, Jr., who later conspired in the preparation of my final departure and illegal conversion of assets at the same time he remained oblivious to his own home undergoing major renovations by this same group! (Unlike properties along main streets i.e., Olive Ave., where the tie-ins to the city's main line are made, the alterations in residential areas can be made without the owner's knowledge - using techniques I have described in earlier blogs. Rewards appear to follow those who assist i.e., $$$, new homes, vehicles. I have names / examples.)

    Unfortunately, no different than the when the owner of the Laundromat next door seemingly disappeared after being lied to and set up by the city risk analyst so his property could be torn up and rebuilt without permits or inspections ~ no different than the "unsolved" Polzin murder across the street when this took place on his property ~ no different than the verified forgeries and suspected homicide of ringleader # 2's former wife ~ all followed by altered records to make it appear that nothing took place, the truth is not allowed when linked to the secret replacement of the city water system. Reports are prohibited. Same people linked throughout all.

    In Fresno, CA, gruesome crimes are being covered up by the very agencies we are encouraged to trust, believe in and report such crimes to. Why ~ so they can cover it up? As you can see, our rights are taken from us dead or alive. Everything I have reported has been covered up ~ there are no repercussions when linked to the secret replacement of the city water system. Others are not only being taught how easy it is to annihilate while taking what others worked lifetimes for, but be REWARDED for it!

    Search Fraud in Fresno